Difference between official and portable version of photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the favourite tool for graphics designer. It is available for windows as well as mac. Adobe  had released lots of version of it. We know we all love Photoshop but it is large in size like 1.6 GB approx. So some cool guns in software industry made portable version for the same. so below is the main difference between official setup and portable version of adobe photoshop
Difference between official and portable version of photoshop

Main Difference between official and portable version of Photoshop

For people who don’t know what Adobe Photoshop Portable is…. It is a set of files including photoshop.exe which can standalone run the program Photoshop.
Go to C/Program files/Adobe /Photoshop /…….
When you reach out to this folder, this is how a standard Photoshop Portable looks like.
Benefits of using Photoshop portable version :
One must wonder wtf is the use of PP…. well, folks this is very important tool for a freelance designers or anyone who is designs, as this is not very heavy in size can be stored in some corner space of your storage device (hardly 150 MB, Photoshop 7.0)
1. Editing can be done on the go.
To explain this i’ll tell you with an example.
Imagine you are given a task to quickly run to a cyber cafe download a photo and edit it (change skin tone,change background, etc, etc) and resend it. Now imagine you given a blank computer as most Internet Cafe use deep freeze,in that case just plugin your device go to Photoshop Portable folder run the program Photoshop now you are ready to go,without the hassle of installing the Photoshop software right from the setup.exe
2.Easy to use
Always find for a portable Photoshop for the version of Photoshop where you are well versed with, eg. some like Photoshop cs2, some like the latest cs6, I like Photoshop 7.0
so don’t expect you ‘ll be allowed to install your favorite version of the program everywhere, in this case Photoshop Portable comes handy.
PS. Please don’t copy files from the c/program files /adobe /Photoshop and claim it to be Photoshop Portable, that might run well on the computer which you copied the files, you ‘ll get jacked when you run it on a different computer.

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