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Download Firefox Quantum Portable 64bit & Firefox Quantum Portable 32 bit for free from here. Direct Zip file is available to download Firefox Quantum Portable. Firefox portable is the whole new version of Firefox browser with a lot of new features and significant improvement in Speed and Design. As Mozilla claims it is really the biggest update since Firefox 1.0 in 2004.

You can also download Firefox portable old version

Firefox Quantum (previously known as Firefox) is a free, open-source web browser created by Mozilla. In addition to being very light, the Quantum browser, written using the Rust programming language, launched with a variety of new features, including integrated pocket to save content on the fly, privacy enhancements like tracking protection, and two-click screenshots.

Firefox Quantum Portable

A portable application (portable app), sometimes also called standalone, is a program designed to read and write its configuration settings into an accessible folder in the computer, usually in the folder where the portable application can be found. This makes it easier to transfer the program with the user’s preferences and data between different computers. A program that doesn’t have any configuration options can also be a portable application.

Portable applications can be stored on any data storage device, including internal mass storage, a file share, cloud storage or external storage such as USB drives and floppy disks—storing its program files and any configuration information and data on the storage medium alone. If no configuration information is required a portable program can be run from read-only storage such as CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs. Some applications are available in both installable and portable versions.

These are the Best and most useful features of the New Firefox Quantum browser. Read till the end to know how to make best use of Firefox Quantum.



  • Faster Loading : Multi-core processing (Quantum CSS) As Mozilla has employed a whole new CSS Engine called Quantum CSS aka Stylo, Firefox Quantum is now about 2 times faster than former Firefox.
  • Modern Look: Photon UI.
  • Customization.
  • Firefox Screenshots.
  • Pocket Integration.
  • Send tabs between your Devices.
  • WebVR.
  • Library.

Download Firefox Quantum Portable

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